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2 day kitesurf course

The two day kitesurfing course covers all the elements you need to become a kitesurfer. You should be starting to get up on the board and will have covered all the safety information you need to kitesurf alone.

Some people find the two day course enough, especially if you have other water or board sport experience. But it's a lot to fit in, and many people prefer the three day course to give them a little more practice, and to develop the confidence to continue practicing on their own. You can always see how it goes and add an extra day later if you want to.

Day one

We cover all the elements of our one day course, starting with some theory and a safety briefing, and then getting straight into the water. You will learn to control the kite and use it to power yourself downwind through (and sometimes over) the water. Once we have harnessed the power, then we start to use the kite in a controlled way to take us in different directions, and learn some key skills such as body dragging up wind. We do not always use the board on the first day as kite control is 80% of the skill in kitesurfing and there is so much to learn.

Day two

Day two is all practical. We get straight in the water to catch up on any body dragging from the day before, but usually we start with board work at the beginning of day two, and spend most of the day working at getting up on the board, and starting to travel. We also practice launching and landing the kite on the beach and walking safely with it on the land. These are very important skills to have if you are going to come down to the beach on your own, set up and go out safely. We will also fit in a self rescue exercise so that you are able to get yourself safely back to shore if you ever get into difficulties.

Our aim in a two or three day course is to give you all the skills and knowledge to continue practicing safely and confidently on your own to become a good all round kitesurfer.



Fast track beginner to IKO instructor

12 weeks in New Zealand to change your life!

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Beginner kitesurf lessons

One, two or three day courses - learn to become a safe and confident kitesurfer with us.

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Kitesurf instructor courses

Become an IKO kitesurf instructor and travel the world doing something you love.

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No wind no pay

If there's no wind on your 1, 2 or 3 day course, we stop and come back another day or refund any unused lesson time if you can't come back. 

UK kitesurfing accommodation

Stay for a night or two during your course, or come for a kitesurfng holiday

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